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Safe Relocation and Uplift.

Customers given Names of attending installers.

Provide a national safe uplift and relocation service our crews are capable of uplifting and relocating safes of all sizes.
Moving house or relocating work premises transferring your existing safe can often be a lot cheaper than buying new. We can relocate the safe/s same day or collect and hold safe/s for you until you’re ready for re-delivery and installation.

Upgrading your safe we can uplift remove the old safe on the same visit saving you money time and hassle.
We also offer a Nationwide safe disposal service for removing and scrapping obsolete safes.

With safe crews based all over the country that are capable of uplifting and relocating safes of all shapes and sizes.
We can help with any requirement big or small and rest assured all safe works are carried out in a professional and 
efficient manner with minimal disruption whilst fully complying with the latest health and safety regulations.

Whatever the requirement please feel free to contact one of our team to discuss.

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Safe Relocation and Uplift Enquiry Form

Site Address:
Site Contact & Tel:

Timescale & Works Required:

Detail & Timescales:
Address of where the safe(s) are to be relocated to? (if applicable)
Site location:
Are there any parking or vehicle restrictions?
Yes   No  
Any steps into the building?
Yes   No  
If yes, please confirm number of steps:
Safe(s) Location(s) within building (e.g. ground floor, 1st floor etc)
Will the safe(s) fit through doorways on the move/exit route?
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Floor Construction:
Safe(s) Information
Safe(s) Manufacturer | Model or serial numbers?
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Please attach a picture of the safe(s):
Do you have the safe(s) keys or codes?
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External safe dimensions (height / width / depth) (mm)
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Weight (usually printed on plaque located on inside of safe door) (kgs)
Safe 1  Safe 2  Safe 3
Additional info:
Please provide us with any additional information you think maybe relevant.

Complete the below if applicable

If safe(s) not located on ground floor (select if applicable):

If via a Lift

Lift weight capacity (weight is stated on inside of lift door)
F: Internal Width
G: Internal Depth
H: Clear Door Opening
If Via Stairs

Straight stairs with landings

Curved / Corner Stairs

A: Landing Width
B: Landing Depth
C: Stair Width
D: Corner Step Width (Curved / Corner Stairs only)
Please choose from below diagram a staircase which relates mostly to yours. Note: Where an arrow is indicated please supply this measurement.
Straight stairs with landings

1 Straight Flight

2 Straight Flights (90° Turn)

2 Straight Flights (180° Turn)

3 Straight Flights
Curved / Corner Stairs

2 Straight Flights 1 Curved Flight

1 Straight Flight 1 Curved Flight

3 Straight Flights 2 Curved Flights

We will come back to you shortly with a quotation.

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