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Specialist Safe Services Tel: 0845 838 8442

Customers provided with Name of attending Safe engineer.

Nationwide Service
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Safe engineers are equipped to open any locked shut safe irrelevant of make or lock.

We guarantee whether we pick open the safe or drill it open, all safes are returned to full working order.
Engineers carry commonly used parts, therefore any parts required are replaced at the time of repair.

  • An on-site key cutting service to duplicate keys
  • Supplying and fitting replacement key-locks, mechanical combination and digital locks
  • Repairing, replacing or reattaching safe handles
  • Lock repairs and reconditioning such as faulty levers
  • Re aligning safe doors
  • Cleaning out lock mechanisms
  • Servicing lock mechanisms and any moving parts such as bolt work


ENQUIRY FORM - Safe Repair / Opening Form
Contact Customer Services on Tel: 0845 838 8442 or complete the form below. Dependent on the information provided we will confirm an approximate or exact cost.

Safe Information
What is the manufacturer and model? Manufacturer: Model :
Serial or safe Reference Number?
Is the Safe Open or Closed? Open
Locking mechanism – Safe Lock(s)? Key
Do you have the keys or code number? Yes
Attach safe picture (Required):
Fault - diagnosis
Please provide information on your requirements i.e. extra keys, loose handle, unable to open / close the safe etc.
Contact Details
Please provide post code (at least first part) (Required)
Please provide telephone number (Required)
Please provide an email address. (Required)
Timescale for works to be done
Additional info
Please provide us with any additional information you think maybe relevant to the problem i.e restricted access to the safe.
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