Help Choosing

Follow these simple steps below and you will have confidence the safe you’re purchasing is a genuine quality product.

We recommend you buy from a supplier who is a member of B.S.V.T.A (British Safe and Vault Trade Association; formerly EuroSafe UK). In addition ensure that the chosen safe is from a seller who:-

  • A) Is a specialist, i.e. offers a wide range of safes, from low level (non-tested) through to tested models (Euro Grade) thereby providing best value security and reliability.
  • B) Ensure graded safes are independently tested and certified by an approved testing house. Conforming safes will have an AiS Stamp of Approval issued by the UK Association of Insurance Surveyors. For these reasons we wouldn't recommend Yale or Masterlock safes.
  • C) Offers an ‘After Care’ service should any problems arise in the future with your safe or cabinet.

ChubbSafes tested products are all independently certified by approved testing laboratories for either security and or fire protection. There are a number of certification levels applicable and upon passing, products are awarded the relevant security grade or fire rating.

By choosing a safe or cabinet with a recognised and validated test certificate ensures you’re getting the best protection available. Please view our ChubbSafes Product test Certification ratings.


Why Us?

We comply with all the aforementioned, with after-care services ranging from free product advice to safe relocations and repairs.

View our light-hearted animated video segments (approx. 40 seconds) to see what we do best.

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For more information on selecting a suitable product, please view the Buyers Guide.