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Cash Safes Safes designed to offer primary protection for money and valuables such as jewellery. Also paperwork / legal documentation, where fire protection is not the priority.

Fireproof Document Safes Safes designed to protect all paperwork such as passports, birth certificates, legal documentation etc from fire.

Media Fire Safes For secure storage of media records (CD's/DVD's) and other audio, visual equipment such as video and cassette tapes from fire. These materials have special requirements because they are more fragile than paper documents.

Cash Rating This is the overnight cash rating given by the manufacturer and Insurers this indicates the most monetary value insurers suggest can be stored in that safe overnight.

Valuables Cover As a guide insurers typically give up to 10 times the cash rating for valuables, for example, a 2k cash rating will give up to 20k for valuables.

Safe Testing Standards Safes which comply with the European grading system are preferred and /or stipulated by all reputable Insurers.

ECB.S Is the European Certification Board which operates as the accredited certification body for security products (see Euro-grade below).

Euro-grade This system was devised by the insurance industry to give rating consistency across Europe. Where a safe has a Euro-grade insurers would give cover equal to the rating. Certifications include EN 1143-1 (for safes), EN 14 450 (for secure safe cabinets) and EN 1047-1 (for data cabinets).

European Ratings S1 EN14450 = 2k S2 EN14450 = 4k Grade 0 = 6k Grade 1 = 10k Grade 2 = 17.5k Grade 3 = 35k Grade 4 = 60k Grade 5 = 100k Grade 6 = 150k

LPCB The Loss Prevention Certification Board assesses and tests safes to ensure that they meet quality standards set by a team of experts who include insurers, manufacturers and engineers.

U.L graded Underwriters Laboratories (U.L) is an American independent product safety certification organisation. Safes are rated for their security and fire resistance.

NT Nordtest (NT) is a Scandinavian organisation which tests and certifies security and fire resistant safes. For example fire proof safes which are tested and conform to their specific standards are given the NT Fire 017 certification.

ISO Certification ISO is an international standard setting body. Certificates such as the ISO 9002 are awarded as a means of recognising a company dedication to providing customers with high quality products.

AiS approved safe – In our opinion an A.I.S (UK Association of Insurance Surveyors) approved safe is a sign of a quality safe.

The AiS safe committee like Eurosafe UK had been concerned by the general lack of guidance regarding EN1143-1, EN1143-2 & EN14450 safe certifications & the confusion caused by the controversy surrounding some foreign test houses. As a result of discussions between Eurosafe UK and the A.I.S safe committee a course of action was agreed by AiS to help clarify and simplify matters, being the creation of an AiS Approved Safe Scheme being an extension to their annual Safe List. 

AiS have advised their members and license holders that they would mark as ‘approved’ safes tested in the UK by BRE/LPCB & any foreign test house associated with the European Fire & Security Group & the European Certification Board - Security.

Safe manufacturers, importers or principal distributors are invited to send copies of their certificates to AiS for scrutiny. If the certificates have been issued by the aforementioned organizations the safes are classed as ‘AiS Approved’. Once accepted they would receive a Certificate of Approval & be noted on future AiS Safe Lists as ‘approved’.

EurosafeUK The primary objective to restore confidence in European standards for testing & rating cash safes, security cabinets, document fire safes & computer data safes.

GunneboFire Testing policy Gunnebo (parent company of ChubbSafes) ensures all products (where applicable) are tested against the latest industry standards. These standards vary according to whether you want to protect data media or documents. This is because the temperature at which data media (e.g. 52 ºC) and documents (e.g. 177 ºC) deteriorate differs according to the item protected.

In order to fully protect data media, industry standards indicate that products should carry ECB•S EN 1047-1 or NT Fire 017 60/120 DIS

The ECB•S test monitors the internal temperature of the data cabinet until it has completely cooled down during the “soak-out” period. Assessing products during this period is essential since internal temperatures can peak up to 6 to 8 hours after the fire has been extinguished. Such a test ensures that all products are comprehensively tested and upon passing, will fully protect you data media for the 60 or 120 minutes stated.

For document protection all products must have the appropriate industry standard paper certificate as a minimum.

UL72-Class 350, ECB•S EN 1047-1 or NT Fire 017 are acceptable standards for paper document protection.

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