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Safe Repairs / Refurbishments & Installation Service

A leading distributor of safes nationwide we know requirements can extend beyond the initial purchase. Services offered ensure that needs are met now and long term.
Customers provided with Name of attending technician being either a Safe engineer or Safe installer.

Some Safe Engineers
Safe Installation Teams
Safe Installation Teams

Safe Repairs

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  1. Safe Openings
    • Safe engineers are equipped to open any locked safe irrelevant of make or lock, whether it be a lost key or forgotten code.
    • We guarantee whether we pick open the safe or drill it open, all safes are returned to full working order.
    • Engineers carry all types of locks and parts commonly used therefore any parts required are replaced at the time of repair.
  2. Safe Repairs and Servicing
    • An on site key cutting service to duplicate keys.
    • Supplying and fitting replacement key-locks, mechanical combination and digital locks to existing safes.
    • Repairing, replacing or reattaching safe handles.
    • Lock repairs, such as faulty levers.
    • Re aligning safe doors.
    • Cleaning out lock mechanisms.
    • Servicing lock mechanisms and any moving parts such as bolt work.  

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Delivery and Installation Services

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Safe removal and repositioning

Repositioning and / or Removal

We offer a repositioning service for any existing safes or cabinets, carried out in an efficient manner with minimal disruption.
We can assist be it relocating to a different home or office, or simply require the safe to be situated in a different space internally.
We offer a safe disposal service for removing and scrapping obsolete safes.
Safes will be uplifted and disposed of following all correct procedures.

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Reconditioning Safes and Storage Services

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  1. Free Storage Facilities
    • If you are moving premises or are undertaking refurbishments you may require space to store your safe in the mean time.
      We are happy to offer free storage facilities at one of our many national warehouses.

  2. Safe Refurbishments
    • Our experienced safe technicians regularly recondition safes to meet set British Standards and make them as good as new with a 1 year warranty.

      Old and used safes are stripped back before being primed and then repainted. Locks are reconditioned or a new replacement lock is fitted if required.
      All the internal workings of the safe door are checked and serviced, including any anti-explosive devices that protect the safe if it comes under attack.
      The bolt-work and hinges are lubricated in order to prolong and ease operational use.

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