Cash Ratings

Products are tested and rated according to a given Cash Rating this indicates the most monetary value insurers suggest can be stored in that safe overnight.

Valuables As a guide, insurers typically give up to 10 times the cash rating for valuables. For instance, a 4k cash rating will give up to 40k for valuables (please confirm with Insurer).

Cash ratings range from: 1K - 150 K
Note:- There are official Euro Grade safe 'testing standards' for the following cash ratings. Products are tested within a controlled environment and are subject to a variety of tests. The system was devised by the insurance industry to give rating consistency Europe-wide. Safes that comply with the Eurograde standards below are preferred or stipulated by all recognised Insurers.

European Ratings

S1 EN14450 = £2k
S2 EN14450 = £4k
Grade 0 = £6k
Grade 1 = £10k

Grade 2 = £17.5k
Grade 3 = £35K
Grade 4 = £60k
Grade 5 = £100k