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Safe Type

The most important decision is deciding what type of safe you require, this is determined by what items you need to protect.
The table below is designed to give a brief guide to safe suitability.

Security Safes Protection of cash and valuables such as jewellery. Also documentation where fire protection is not the main priority
Fire Protection - Documents All paperwork, for example passports, birth / marriage certificates, legal documents etc
Fire Protection - Media Protects all documentation as well as media such as discs, tapes, photo negatives etc.


Security Safes

Security Safes are tested and rated according to a given Cash Rating & this indicates the most monetary value insurers suggest can be stored in that safe overnight.

Chubbsafes's premier safe range are tested and accredited to the latest industry standards, being the ECB.S European standard EN1143-1.
These testing standards or gradings start at cash ratings of 6k (Grade 0) up to 150k (Grade 6) as below:

4k, 6k (Grade 0), 10k (Grade 1), 17.5k (Grade 2), 35k (Grade 3), 60k (Grade 4), 100k (Grade 5), 150k (Grade 6).

Chubb Safes offer a cost effective safe range ChubbSafes Elements designed and manufactured for the home office and small business.
ChubbSafes Elements range offers cash ratings of: 1k, 2k, 3k and 4k. Test standards available at cash ratings 2k (S1) and 4k (S2)
Chubb Elements Water (2k cash rating) and Chubb Safes Earth and Fire range of safes (4k cash ratings) were independently tested and accredited with S1 and S2 standards.

Valuables - Insurers typically give up to 10 times (for the residential market) the cash rating for valuables. For instance, a 2k cash rating will give up to 20k for valuables.

Security safes provide protection against burglars (physical attack) however most Chubb security safes offer some fire resistance.

Fire Protection - Document Safes

A fire document safe is designed to protect all kinds of paperwork from fire. This is achieved by maintaining the inner temperature of the safe below 175 degrees Celsius.

ChubbSafes has developed many types of fire protection safes to meet all requirements from a small home fire resistant safe to large commercial cabinets.

Chubb Safes fire document protection safes fall into time periods of 30, 60 and 120 minutes protection.

Fire Protection - Data/Media Safes

Data/Media safes are specifically designed to protect media from the damaging effects of heat, dust, water and light, all of which affect the durability of your data.
For instance whereas paper chars or combusts at 177 degrees, media begins to corrupt at 52 degrees Celsius.

The time periods available for our data safes are 120 minutes

Lock Type

Most Chubbsafes offer the option of either key lock (supplied with two keys as standard), or electronic locks. Which one you choose is down to personal preference.


You need to consider both dimensions – External (A) and Internal (B)
A) to ensure that the safe will fit into its designated space.
B) internal storage space available will store all your valuables and important records.

For this reason, it can be helpful to have the measurements of the largest item you will place in the safe in order to get a sense of the minimum dimensions you will require.
Chubbsafes safe ranges come in a variety of sizes in order to best meet the size of safe you require. For instance there are usually 4 or 5 sizes per model type.

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